At TSP we offer a full package service for private labels, fashion startups and institutions looking for a strategic partner with high quality standards, responsible communication and flexibility.

Design and Product Development

We have a highly trained team to provide all the design and development support that is needed in each process to achieve the excellence of the finished product, according to the requirements, specifications and demands of our clients.

Our infrastructure and machinery of the Design and Product Development unit are totally independent from production. We have an area for samples: cutting, sewing and finishes. We work with the Gerber Accumark and Audaces systems for the elaboration of the patterns, markers and grading regarding to the technical specifications and type of garment.

Raw material and Fabrics

In our production processes we use sustainable raw materials to manufacture 100% cotton fabrics, as well as blends with BCI or certified (GOTS) organic pima cotton, tencel, modal, viscose, alpaca, linen, polyester, etc. We have extensive experience working with very fine counts and various on-trend weave structures.


In this process we carry out stretched out of fabrics and marker operations, complying with quality standards. The objective is to cut the profile of the patterns and group the cut pieces by size.

Printing and Embroidery

We use state-of-the-art techniques and processes with inputs that reduce negative impacts on the environment.


We assemble the pieces with different types of stitching and finishes according to technical specifications. This process is very important to achieve production objectives, which is why we carry out an exhaustive control with inspections throughout the process.
Our range of garments includes T shirt, polo shirt, shirts, sweatshirts, hoodie, pants and shorts for men, women and children.

Quality control and garment finishing

Our strict quality control in each production process allows us to offer a product according to the standards of each client.

We inspect the garments to classify them according to the customers requirements. Then the garments are sent to steam-ironing, followed by the placement of tags with relevant product information; Subsequently, the garments go to packaging to follow indications of pre-packs, store distribution, etc. Finally, an audit is carried out to ensure the quality of the production and the coordination with the freight forwarder so that the merchandise reaches its destination.

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